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Eyebrow Energy 11 year Anniversary

11 years and flowin. If I've ever done your brows grab one and represent!

90's Brows

Did the 90's take your brow life on a decline? If so, represent for the change!


Crowdfunding Campaign Shirt! How did you get Got? Get this shirt and do a video. Tag: @EyebrowEnergy @KimdaBrowArtist and use Hashtag #MyBrowsGotGo

Hand Job$ the Podcast

NEW PODCAST Hand Job$ I'll be talking to successful people who have skills with their hands and making MONEY!

Grow Your Brows Out

STOP. Drop the tweezers and breathe. We have to reclaim our natural brows and LET THEM GROW!

Kim Does My Brows

Kim has been doing brows for 10 years. If you love your brows SHARE IT!

Do your eyebrow match your energy?

Has anyone every asked you Are you Mad?  Have the correct eyebrow shape can change your energy…it matters!

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