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Exit Energy Academy, is the brainchild of Kim Edwards Williams, who worked with parolees leaving the prison system and came to understand that without tangible skills, transition back into life outside the system was brutal. After starting her eyebrow threading business, Eyebrow Energy, in 2008, Kim felt immediate gratitude and wanted to give back. She wanted to bring the skill of eyebrow threading into prison barbershops and help connect released inmates with jobs they could do anywhere.

Today, after ten years in business, (we lay the best of plans and the universe always has others) we are launching Exit Energy Academy. In phase 1 we will raise the funds necessary to become a 501(c)3
organization. This will allow us to launch phase 2, in which we will start both fundraising on a larger scale as we will be able to take in grant funding and tax deductible donations, and also begin our main programming – eyebrow threading skills training in prisons and connecting inmates with outsideresources.

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